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Highest quality fabrics in the world combined with modern fits and cuts to make you stand out in the best way.

To me Super 220's and Super 150's mean some of the rarest fabrics in the world.  Smooth, luxurious, perfect for your wedding day, walking the red carpet, or day to day business.  Super numbers are kind of like thread count in sheets; the higher the number the finer the fiber, better the quality, and lighter the feel.  It's special to me since 217 Lincoln, LLC is providing more luxurious fabrics than other high-end brands.  I want to highlight that there is something better out there - a level of luxury people need to know about.  My mission is to bring true luxury back to the luxury market.  

Owner, 217 Lincoln, LLC


As a young professional in the field of government and politics, a part-time men’s fashion and lifestyle blogger, and passionate enthusiast of luxury menswear, I have to say that 217 Lincoln boasts some of the highest quality suits that I have ever encountered in my travels across the United States and abroad. With their meticulous measurements, unparalleled-quality Super 220s cashmere fabric, and detailed stitching, 217 Lincoln’s suits give me the confidence to walk into any situation -- be it the board room, a networking mixer, a philanthropic event, or even the White House or United Nations -- and know that I will turn heads and make a great impression. I highly recommend investing in a custom suit by 217 Lincoln, for when you look and feel your best, you’re also making an investment in yourself.

- Joshua Price, The Hybrid Gent

On my suit I appreciated the working button holes at the cuffs. That's a really nice extra detail. Also, the construction of the jacket felt very secure.  Fabric and cut compare to brands like Zegna, Kiton, Brioni, Brunello Cucinelli and Isaia.

- Bryan Carroll, Model

Luxurious, Silky Smooth

Suits fully-lined in 100% silk


High Quality, Luxury Attire